dog02Fleas are a common problem for pets and their owners throughout the year!

Fleas can hop on your pets when they are outside. However, inside animals are also susceptible to fleas. They can come in on your shoes and clothing, hopping onto your pets whenever they are close.

Fleas mainly cause itching and hair loss, but some pets have an allergy to fleas which can give them even more trouble. Even one bite from a flea and contact with their saliva can lead to intense itching, hair loss, and possible infection.

The best way to get rid of fleas is to prevent them. There are many preventatives available which do a wonderful job of keeping fleas and ticks off of your pets. However, if you do get fleas, you must understand that they multiply quickly. Even if you only see one flea, there are a lot of eggs and young fleas nearby!

It is very important to treat every pet in the household that has a flea infestation. Start them on monthly preventatives and keep up with it every month. Once you get rid of the fleas, you do not want them back!

You also have to treat the environment, which can be challenging. It is important to vacuum your whole house and throw away the vacuum bag, which will be filled with fleas, eggs, and young fleas. You also need to wash all of the bedding that your pets use (including your own bedding) with really hot, soapy water to try to kill the fleas.

There are flea sprays and bombs you can use yourself on your house. However, many people like to get an exterminator to make sure the fleas are eradicated.

Be sure to contact us today if you have any questions about flea prevention. We are also here if your pets need to be seen for itching, hair loss, or even a possible infection. We will gladly help your pets feel better.

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