TicksSpring is a wonderful time. Flowers start blooming, and the grass starts growing. The weather warms up, and everyone is anxious to be outside. However, with spring come ticks, which can be quite bothersome to our animals and us.

Ticks themselves don’t cause much trouble even though they are blood suckers. Unless your dogs are allergic to their bites, they don’t make anyone sick with just that. If your dogs are allergic to tick bites, they can have a lot of trouble moving after being bitten. Some dogs become almost paralyzed until the tick is removed!

The worst part about ticks is that they carry diseases. The most common disease they carry is Lyme Disease, which can be quite painful for both animals and their owners. They also carry a lot of other diseases, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, and many others. All of these diseases can be quite harmful to animals and humans. Some diseases are even deadly if not caught in time.

Ticks are everywhere, no matter where you live. They like to hide in brush, tall grass, and other areas where nature is allowed to grow. Keeping your yard groomed will help with ticks. Make sure you mow your yard regularly and keep any brush and tall grass around your home trimmed.

Another way to prevent ticks is to give your pets monthly flea and tick treatments. These are quite helpful at preventing tick bites, saving you too since your pets will not carry them into your home then!

Ticks can be a quite annoying pain. However, they can be kept at bay if you maintain your yard and use monthly flea and tick treatments. Be sure to contact us to get your pets started on preventative for fleas and ticks.

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