Pet Dentristy Is a Key Tool in Helping your Pet Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Veterinary dentistry is a specialized branch of veterinary medicine that can help diagnose, treat, and prevent dental health conditions in animals. When you take good care of your animal’s dental health, you’re making a positive impact on their overall health and lifespan.
At Henderson Animal Hospital, our Winnipeg veterinarian team proudly offers veterinary dentistry as one of our comprehensive pet wellness services. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of dental care for pets and how we can assist you and your beloved animal.

Types of Pet Dental Problems We Treat At Henderson Animal Hospital

Pet dental problems can be painful and stressful for your animal. It is also important to understand that inflammation caused by dental disease can cause bacteria in the mouth to get into an animal’s bloodstream and travel to different organs including the brain and heart, which may lead to other chronic health problems.

Are There Risk Factors for Pet Dental Problems?

Common risk factors for pet dental problems include:

Warning Signs of Pet Dental Health Problems

Oral and dental problems in pets are common. If your pet develops a dental problem, such as periodontal disease, you may notice one or more of the following signs:
Broken, loose, or missing teeth, Foul breath, Lumps and bumps in and around the mouth, Bleeding gums, Vocalizations while eating, Chewing food on one side of the mouth, Eating more slowly, Frequently dropping food, Decreased interest in food or certain types of food (e.g., hard treats), Excessive drooling, Withdrawal or resistance to having the face or muzzle touched
In many cases, pet dental health problems can develop for years before there are any obvious signs—which underscores the importance of routine pet dental exams and cleanings!

Dental Care for Pets in Winnipeg MB

At Henderson Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive dental care for pets, including dogs, cats, and furry exotic animals.
To maximize your pet’s safety and comfort, we perform comprehensive pet dental examinations while your animal is monitored closely under general anesthesia. We may also recommend X-rays, bloodwork, and other testing as part of your pet’s comprehensive examination.
During an examination, we’ll assess for signs of dental disease, implement any appropriate treatment, and also perform a thorough dental cleaning to help remove plaque and tartar build-up from bacteria in the mouth.
Our Winnipeg veterinarian team can also offer personalized strategies for improving your pet’s dental health at home, including dietary modifications and daily pet tooth brushing.

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