How Often Should Your Pet Be Groomed?

At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we not only offer veterinary services, but we also offer pet grooming. Pet grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. How often your pet needs grooming depends on the type of pet you have, and many other factors. All dogs, cats, and other small animals can benefit from grooming.


Dogs will need more grooming than cats. Dogs should be bathed at most once every two weeks to keep from drying out their skin. Their nails need to be clipped or carefully filed down. Longer-haired breeds may need to come in every two weeks. Shorter-haired types may need to come in only once per month. Brushing out their coats can be done at home between visits.
If your dog gets into anything particularly smelly or becomes filthy between visits, feel free to bathe it with pet shampoo or pet soap only. Dish soap will dry out your dog’s skin.
During the summer months, longer-haired breeds should be brought in more often to ensure their coat stays short enough to prevent overheating. Shorter-haired breeds should be brought in more over the winter to avoid possible matting
Dogs should be brought in for at least a nail trim every time they become sharp or if you see them beginning to push their toes up from the floor. Never let them get to the point where they curl.


Longer-haired cats should be brought in about once a month to keep their hair from matting. Not all cats enjoy grooming, but our staff is trained to handle this. Cats also need to keep their nails short. Most of the time, a cat can keep its nails worn down in the right environment. Never let them start curling under the cat’s toes. Our veterinarian can show you other ways you might be able to trim its nails on your own.

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