Signs Your Pet Has an Eye Infection

Have you spotted eye redness, discharge, or swelling in your pet’s eyes? It could be an eye infection. Instead of treating your pet at home, please schedule an appointment with Henderson Animal Hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment. While most pet eye infections are mild, you never know when they can be severe enough to compromise your pet’s eye health.

Symptoms Of Pet Eye Infections

How can you tell your pet has an eye infection? Of course, since your pet won’t tell you when they are having discomfort, you need to be observant to know when something isn’t right with your animal friend. In case of an eye infection, keep your eyes peeled for the symptoms below:
If you spot any of these symptoms, please book an appointment with a veterinarian. Eye infections not only cause discomfort but could be a symptom of a severe underlying issue. A veterinarian will produce a diagnosis and provide treatment.

Treating Pet Eye Infections

There are several causes of eye infections, ranging from viruses, fungi, bacteria, and injury to foreign objects. Before treatment, we diagnose your pet by conducting a comprehensive eye exam. To aid with further diagnosis, we may carry out microbial culture tests and allergy tests.
Given several causes of eye infections exist, don’t expect treatment to be one-size-fits-all. After a proper diagnosis, here are the treatments we administer for pet eye infections:
Viral infections don’t need any medication —the infection clears on its own. However, we can prescribe medication to manage symptoms.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Veterinarian In Winnipeg, MB

Have you noticed any sign of pet eye infection? Don’t treat the infection without the advice of a vet, as this could worsen the condition. Instead, please book an appointment with Henderson Animal Hospital for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Call us at (204) 339-9295 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.