Spay & Neuter


Spaying and Neutering

More studies are coming out showing that spay and neuter operations are two of the best options to increase a pet’s health and longevity. However, there are still several misconceptions about spaying or neutering pets. Our veterinarians at Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg would like to look at the facts about spaying and neutering.

Indoor Pets

You cannot guarantee that your pet will not escape from your home to find a mate. Even if your pet never meets another animal of the opposite sex, there are still many health and behavioral benefits from getting your pet spayed and neutered. For example, female puppies that are spayed before their first heat have their chances of getting breast tumors reduced by over 90 percent.

Gaining Weight

Pets get fat because they do not get enough exercise to burn off the calories they eat. Talk to your veterinarian about adjusting your pet’s diet to cut back on calories but still provide the nutrition that your pet needs.

Behavior Changes

Male pets tend to become less aggressive after neutering. There usually isn’t any change in behavior for female pets. If the pets are neutered while they are still young, there usually isn’t a noticeable personality change. Some bad behaviors can be prevented by spaying or neutering. If a male kitten is spayed before he is six months old, he will not start spraying urine in the home to mark his territory.

Increased Lifespan

Although no medical procedure can guarantee to make your pet live longer, spaying and neutering do significantly raise the chances of your pet living a long life. A major 2013 study by Banfield Pet Hospital of 2.2 million pets found that neutered male cats lived 62 percent longer than unaltered males, while spayed cats lived 39 percent longer. Neutered dogs lived 18 percent longer and spayed dogs lived 23 percent longer.

Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered in Winnipeg, MB

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