Toxic Ingestion in Pets: FAQs

As much as you try to keep your pets safe, it is likely that they will still find something to chew on that will make you concerned. Toxic ingestions are common occurrences with pets. At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we can treat toxic ingestion in your pet. Here are common questions about avoiding toxic ingestion and noticing symptoms.

What Common Human Foods Are Toxic To Pets?

The most common reason for toxic ingestion is accidentally giving the wrong food to your pet as a treat. Chocolate and grapes are well-known to be toxic, but it surprises many to learn that avocado skins or onions can also cause illness. Though most animals would avoid a raw onion if offered, it can sneak past them when fed in something such as a meatloaf or a pizza.
The most common foods in the home that will pose a risk to pets also include cherries, garlic, salt, raw dough, or spoiled foods. Chemical-wise, keep pets away from xylitol, artificial sweeteners, or caffeine.

Are Plants Toxic?

Some pets love to chew on things, and this might include plants. Many landscaping plants can be toxic when ingested, including lilies, tulips, holly, poinsettias, and mistletoe. It is best to avoid these plants or make sure that your pet does not have access to them.

Can Medications Be Toxic?

As with most things, it depends. Not every animal reacts the same way to human medications. Even a tiny dose of a human medication, like aspirin, might be fatal to a pet. Always check with our veterinarian before administering medication to a pet.

What Are Signs Of Poisoning?

The typical first signs of poisoning include vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, increased respiratory and heart rate, and decreased energy. High enough toxicity can lead to heart, lung, liver, or kidney failure.

Visit Our Animal Hospital

If you are concerned that your pet might have ingested something toxic, survey the area immediately. This will help to know what was ingested in order to properly treat the pet. Bring your animal to our veterinarian immediately for pet emergency care. At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we can treat your pet. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today.